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  • What Is TCM And How It Can Help You

    by Admin


    Targeted Case Management (TCM) is consists of services that assist eligible beneficiaries in securing medical, social, educational and other health services necessary to appropriate care and treatment. Case management is not directly connected with providing the care and services, but instead is a separate and reimbursable type of service under Medicaid that for specific beneficiaries, identifies the appropriate services, assists in locating those services, identifies providers, and monitors the provision of care.

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  • TCM Audit Appeals - Part I

    by Nancy Leidelmeijer


    Every year the Targeted Case Management (TCM) programs and their cost reports are audited in California. State Department of Health Services (DHCS) auditors communicate with local governmental agencies (LGA) to obtain financial and other documents for their review. Many LGAs have been taken aback by extensive documentation requests and surprised by the audit findings.

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  • Introducing NurseReferralPro

    by Todd Mueller


    Welcome to our first blog post for NurseReferralPro on our newly launched website! After many months of development, testing, talking to nurses and beta test users we have officially launched.

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