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New Feature - Auditor Access

by Todd Mueller

Auditor Access Configuration

So you just found out your agency is going to be audited. Now what, your wondering? First, take a deep breath and relax. If you’re on NurseReferralPro, you got this! If not, well...I feel your pain. 

Let’s talk about our Auditor feature within NurseReferralPro and how it works. For a primer on how audits/appeals work, read this post by Nancy as it contains lots of useful background information on this subject.

We developed an Auditor role in NurseReferralPro, so if you are audited, you can grant the outside agency, read-only, individual user access to the system to a specified list of case documentation to be audited. You have control over what can be seen and who can access those case management documents. The days of having to fly out your case management software vendor to be onsite with auditors, at exorbitant costs, are over. Granting access can be done in minutes by an administrator. If you are still wasting thousands upon thousands of dollars, in addition to everyone’s valuable time with your current vendor, you need to talk to us ASAP!

User Setup

User Setup

Setting up an auditor is no different than adding new case managers as you have done before. The key difference is the role are you granting the user, and the documents they can view as shown below.

Auditor Role

Auditor Role

Access to Referrals

Acceess to Referrals

Your time is best spent answering the auditor’s questions after they have reviewed the cases in question, and this all can be done remotely utilizing your preferred conference call software. Once the audit is over, or if an auditor leaves, you can revoke user access to the system so auditors will not be able to log in again. Total control at your fingertips.