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Case management features you will love

With our extensive experience in program compliance and reviewing audit findings, we have designed a system that will improve your case management processes and automate your workflow. Features of NurseReferralPro allow case managers and their supervisors to:

Report on any and all data

With custom built-in reporting that helps ensure you are compliant and reporting that provides insight into your team and clients, you will be one step ahead in providing the absolute best care for your clients.

  • Capture and report on outcome measures and their results.

  • Report on all aspects of Targeted Case Management (TCM).

  • Verify your encounters with our powerful and easy to use Upload Encounter report.

  • View your case managers workloads with the ability to easily adjust based on availability.


Dynamic Form Builder

Throw away those old, cumbersome paper forms and create electronic forms with our intuitive form builder. Need a client release form? You can build it and have the client sign your mobile device out in the field.

Dynamic Forms

Calendar - Appointments, Events and Reminders

NurseReferralPro has a fully featured calendar that supports appointments, events, and reminders. With our clean, easy to use calendar, the days of not knowing what's going on with your clients are history.

Time survey features

Our time survey features allows users to track their time based on activity codes and programs such as FFP for MCAH, CCS, CHDP, and AFLP, to name a few. We built in an entire workflow around logging, submitting, notifying, approving and/or rejecting staff’s time in a easy and intuitive interface.

  • Time Surevy - Weekly Time Sheet

    Weekly Time Sheet

    Our easy to read time sheet shows the week at a glance along with individual time entries.

  • Time Surevy - Data Entry

    Data Entry

    Log time with confidence with our easy to use interface.

  • Time Survey - Reporting


    Export time survey data in various formats such as PDF, Excel and other formats.

Weekly Timesheet

Time Survey - Weekly Timesheet

Data Entry

Time Survey - Data Entry


Time Survey - Reporting

Tuberculosis Module

Track essential metrics such as demographic information, class type, symptoms, TST read results, FU test read results, LTBI, potential AFB, contacts, DOT (video uploads) and much, much more in our tuberculosis module. The days of having a separate, cumbersome, and very costly tuberculosis system in place are now over. The ability to manage tuberculosis clients is now at your fingertips with our easy to use and powerful case management system.

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