A brief history on how NurseReferralPro came to be

Buena Digital and NLeader Group joined forces to collaborate on the creation of NurseReferralPro. Buena Digital's skills in software development and cloud computing combined with NLeader Group's extensive expertise in TCM proved to be a great partnership delivering a web based targeted case management system that is easy to use on any device while helping your organization remain compliant.

About Buena Digital and NLeaderGroup

Based in Thousand Oaks, CA, Buena Digital is focused on building hand crafted, custom cloud based applications to the healthcare industry. To learn more about Buena Digital, please visit www.buenadigital.com.

NLeader Group, based in Oxnard, CA is an industry leader in providing expertise in the TCM field. NLeader Group helps governmental and community-based organizations comply with regulations and improve internal process to provide better care for their patients. To learn more about NLeader Group, please visit www.nleadergroup.org.